Battle Brewing in Olney Over Alcohol Sales

The battle is brewing in Olney, residents are lining up to fill out their ballot and vote on whether to allow the sale of alcohol within the community.

This is the third time the city has put the measure on the ballot and both previous times have failed.

Both elections were decided by less than 15 votes and this time around is expected to be no different.  Residents have various ways of expressing their opinion but some are very open about it.

Whether your driving or walking down the streets of Olney -- it's not easy to miss -- the T-shirt shop.  You can see white shirts through the glass window, the lighting illuminates the shirt that says it as it is:   "Vote against the sale of alcohol."

"We're trying to get people to get out and vote and vote against the sale," said Bill Wadley.

Wadley has made 100 shirts and half of those are already gone, the other half are expected to go soon.

"We expect the other 50 to go in the next day or two," said Wadley.

As a local pastor he doesn't want the measure to pass for fear of creating alcohol related problems, such as costing more revenue than it would bring in.

News Channel Six spoke with City Administrator Danny Parker about the issue last March and he says the sales will do well for the community.

"There's been studies that have proven that it stimulates the economy in your town.  Overall it actually increases business to other retailers," said Parker.

Parker also says voter turnout was about three times what it usually is when this measure is on the ballot.

The race is always close and those opposed to the issue will likely be out in big numbers again, sporting a new T-shirt.

If you recall a similar measure was passed in Burkburnett two years ago.  Stay tuned to News Channel Six we will let you know whether or not the issues passes on Tuesday.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6.