Olney Alcohol Sales Legalization Response Emails

Your coverage of our election coming up to sell alcohol here is Olney really
disgust me. Did you just find the first person on the street next to the Vote
tee shirts to interview. I would also suggest you research issues of the Olney
Enterprise to see what kind of person you interviewed..There are probably alot
of people on both sides of this issue that are shocked. Many of the people who
are voting for alcohol sales are at work during the day, I think you should
cover both sides or not at all.


Kathy Muncy
Olney, Texas 

In regards to your interview tonight with Rev. Wadley of Olney; please get some interviews with those who voted "for" bringing alcohol to Olney. Getting one side of the issue is not right. There are many very good reasons to "make Olney wet". Not asking for a special favor or anything, we just simply wish to be heard as well.

Cara L Cotton