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We watch alot of shows on CBS, but our local station is such a pain, we
like so many others I've spoken to, have gotten so mad and frustrated
at them we just don't go to that station. (KAUZ TV Wichita Falls, TX)unless we positevely can't live without our program.  They have a map drawing of about 10 to 12 counties on the screen along with names of the counties to the right of the map.  It covers about a 12x12 inches of the screen.  and worse yet it is at the top of the tv where it covers the heads and faces of any one on the left side of the screen.  We just want to scream,last Thursday night we were trying to watch the Mentalist (we never miss it ever)They had that map where it was over the top of his face and head more than not.  Then they would run the crawler at the bottom of the screen in letters at least 6 inches high. It was like watching tv thru venetion blinds. It was for storms in the Panhandle of TX not even headed in our direction. Every dam day they have that warning map, fog, winds, rain, and tonight they have it because there is  or maybe there will be a frost warning for
Thursday night.  Now tonight is Tuesday, We will have to watch TV around that until then. And by then they will have something else up there.  I swear it. No lie. And the counties listed on the map are 200 miles or farther away and don't even get our stations.We have to pay for local
tv on satelite so I don't think that is fair.  I appreciate warnings from
storms but we have to watch that all day and all night even after storms are  way over. But just let one get close to WF and they turn off the show immediately and go in to long details about the storms pointing and stretching and drama.  They did that last week when the Cowboy Football game had sounded the last 2 minute warning and the Cowboys were behind and about to score.  They just talk and talk then
instead of going back to the show there will be 3 or 4 commercials.
Those guys are sick.  They are driving us nuts. Just a P,S, strangely enough when the news, weather, sports and them talking the map magically disappears.  I am so tired of it taking up all of my TV screen.
We have complained as so many others have.  But they are out to
"Alerge" us.  They don't even say Alert right.  They have gone bananas and I wish I never had to turn on that station. Thanks for listening.

                             -Mary Johnston

please take the weather map off of the tv screen during evening -rogramming. It is so distracting and there is no emergency at this time to warrant it. Your channel is the only network that is so obnoxious with the maps and breaking in with weather during primetime programming. If it is an emergency it's fine, but a frost warning?????? I hardly all that reason to distort the screen with maps!

Could you please make the weather advisory smaller or not leave it on continually. It is very distracting watching tv.