Ranger Fever Sweeps Texoma

Many Texomans are all dressed up in red and blue. Ranger fever is in the air as the team gets ready for its first ever World Series match-up.

Several fans laid out their plans for the game, but some want to see the action live in Arlington when the Rangers and Giants head to Texas for game three. Some people are doing whatever they can to score some tickets, even if that means dropping some serious cash.

Since the Texas Rangers clinched the American League Pennant, Ranger fans like Chad Jackson have been scrambling for tickets to the World Series. Chad is a longtime Rangers fan who says he's willing to pay a hefty amount to be part of history.

"I was hoping around the thousand dollar range not more but we'll see, but I would be willing to pay that," said Chad Jackson, Texas Rangers Fan.

Other Ranger fans here in Texoma say they may not have the cash for tickets, but that doesn't mean they wont be watching history too.

"We're having a bunch of people over at our church and we're going to be watching the game on the big screen so its going to be great ," said Jon Hicks, Texas Ranger Fan.

"Going to be at home watching it with my four yr old son avid ranger fan got him doing the antler hand for run like a deer," said Jon Thomas, Texas Ranger Fan

Businesses are also getting in on the action, Jackson is decorating his office in red and blue, and is encouraging his entire staff to get pumped up for the games.

"The employees are wearing T shirts, any Ranger paraphernalia, tattoos whatever to get excited. It's not often you get to see the rangers in the World Series so we're trying to get excited for it," said Jackson.

If you're in the market for 2010 World Series tickets they could cost you anywhere from $300 to $92,000; therefore be careful when shopping online.

You can also check a business's credibility through the Better Business Bureau.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six.

Better Business Bureau: www.bbb.org