Construction Continues for 'Denim & Diamonds'

The Wichita Falls economy will soon get a bit of a boost.

Denim and Diamonds, located off of Kell Boulevard in the Big Lots parking lot, will be a honkey tonk style country club, complete with 2 bars and a dance floor.

The club will feature country music, with some dance music thrown in for good measure. Also, they will try to cater to bands which will help to stimulate the economy while also giving just another option for those looking to have a good time.

Originally, the venue was projected to open in September. According to Joel Lee, the General Manager, plans can sometimes take a little longer to complete

"There is a lot going on. You never know between plans and building and sometimes it doesn't go as quickly as you like it to," says Lee, "it should be open the first or second week in December; that's in theory. It changes every single day it seems like."

Especially since the plans are changing. After talking to people around the Falls, Club owners found a need to add an outside patio encompassing over 2400 square feet. A trait that Lee says will make them stand above the rest.

"It's going to be the biggest, newest, nicest, country bar in town for the most part," he exclaims.

Although there is a lot that still needs to be done. "We are a little bit more than halfway through our construction," says Lee.

Budd Seelow, a contractor helping to build the venue explains, "I've got to help build the bars and do some painting and patch the floors and paint the floors." All the work will help to create a place that Lee says, many will want to come to, again and again.

"The idea around here is, you know, to meet every single person who comes in, take care of them, make them want to come back," says Lee.

Seelow echoes the sentiment. "Come see us when we're open," he says.

As of now, the managers and club owners are debating the age restrictions of the club. Also, the venue is looking to create between 20 to 40 new jobs for Texoma.

Potential applicants can pick up an application at the club's location, or visit their website at

 Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6