Heater Safety: Tips From the Experts

Texoma is looking at night time lows in the thirties, and that means a lot of you will be turning on your heaters, perhaps for the first time this season. There are some things you should know. Newschannel Six' Spencer Blake found out what you can look out for.

Even during calm, cool fall weather, a home could quickly turn into an inferno, especially if you have problems with your heater. Wichita falls Fire Marshal David Collins says that one thing is especially important.

"For everyone to have a check or a service call done, whether it's gas or electric heating," said Collins.

Often house fires start because a furnace or a heater has problems from months of dormancy. H-vac service technician Mark Paris says you'll likely smell a small collection of dust burn off when you first crank up the heat. That's okay, but after a while, that smell could be a problem.

"Elements are burning into paper materials or something that might have been caught inside there," said Paris

Heating coils could end up so crusted over that they don't allow air to pass through. In reality, this is what they're supposed to look like.

Paris says the beginning of the season is a time to get the heat exchanger checked for holes.

"To make sure it is 100% safe for the customer. We want to make sure about that," said Paris.

Colder months of the winter, one of our bigger issues is portable heating devices.

Collins says space heaters should be kept away from anything combustible. Other advice: Don't overdo the extension cords, and remember the dangers of gases you can't see.

"Have carbon monoxide detector inside your home that's gonna detect it correctly," said Collins.

Above all, if you hear weird noises, or if you think something's wrong, don't hesitate to call a pro.

Spencer Blake. Newschannel Six.