Critical Care Costs: Archer City Ambulance

Archer City is taking strides to help fund it's ambulance service by reaching out to Citizens. A new option on the water bill allows customers an option to contribute $5.00 to the service.

Archer City is one of the only small towns that has a Paramedic on-duty 24/7. The service is run municipally, and therefore is not-for-profit. Still, Mayor David Levy explains it is not without costs. "Every time that truck moves out of the ambulance bay there is a cost associated with it," he said.

Levy says the level of care is critical to maintaining the way of life for Citizens. "I'm certain that what they do makes a difference between life and death for many of our Citizens here... We're a 911 emergency service we get that call and we have to respond," he said.

The the idea of an optional donation came from a town hall meeting about the service. Levy feels the option is a good way to gauge Public Opinion. "Its important that we have a consensus of the community. We're providing a service, is this service important to you? They have responded well... We're very proud of our service, we provide a very high level of care and for a community of our size its remarkable were able to do it... We're trying to maintain our ambulance service at the highest level we can responsibly afford," he said.

In the month since the idea was implemented, Levy says more that 50% of customers have elected to contribute. He expects the margin to increase to 75-80%. With roughly 900 water customers, that could mean around $3,600 for the service.

To learn more about the Archer City Ambulance Service, click on the link to the upper left.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6