Murder for Hire Suspect Looks to Reduce Bond

The suspect in an alleged murder for hire plot had another setback Thursday.

Police say David Everett Stevens hired a hit man to kill his then wife's boyfriend back in March. Since then -- he's been held on a $2.5 million bond.

Stevens was in court to get his bond reduced Thursday but things didn't go the way Stevens or his attorney planned.

The courtroom was practically filled with Steven's family is aunt, sister, daughter, even a former wife was there to show support. Every time we spoke about his situation, they would tear up...wishing that he was out of the Jail Annex.

However his stalker was the one who didn't proclaim his innocence in the murder for hire plot. Instead she said she understood his frustrations and his reaction. It's the $2.5 million dollar bond she doesn't get.

"He has been indicted for solicitation of murder and currently has a $2.5 million bond," explains Defense Attorney Ronnie Molina. "One of the most outrageous and highest bonds that have ever been set in the history of Wichita Falls."

A history that has a relatively quiet but occasionally violent past. In Wichita County, bond amounts are under the sole discretion of the judges who assign them and there is no set guideline. Which means events of the day, like the shooting in the falls, in which 1 person was killed while Ross Muehlberger was out on bond, can sway decisions of the court.

"We had a situation here in Wichita Falls that hasn't occurred before with the Muehlberger incident where there actually were murders, there was a monitoring system, was out on bond," says Molina, "Hence you can have a criminal activity of someone actually committing murder, getting a $25,000. Then you can have the allegation of attempted murder, in this case, solicitation of murder. $2.5 million bond."

Stevens arrest -- and bond-- actually came before the shooting in the falls. Molina has tried to get the bond lowered before -- with no success. Now he's going back to the courts to try a different route.

"We're going back now on a writ of habeas corpus so that if the bond does not get lowered there is the opportunity to appeal that decision before even a hearing on the merits of the indictment," explains Molina.

The attorney is confident only 2 factors will influence the judge's decision and he hopes the judge will show some compassion to Stevens.

"The 2 standards that are relevant at this point: is David Stevens a flight risk and is he a danger to society? And the obvious answer to all of that is no, to both questions."

Molina plans to put Stevens on the stand to tell his side of the story. Although the attorney knows that is a risky move, he hopes Stevens' background as a prayer leader and business man will be portrayed to the Judge.

Newschannel six reached out to the suspected victim who stated through a representative that he hopes Stevens bond remains the same.

Stevens' hearing was scheduled for Thursday, but was abruptly canceled due to unknown circumstances.

Newschannel 6 will continue to follow this case and will keep you updated when a new hearing is scheduled.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6