Texoma Ranger Fan Going to Game 4 of World Series

Fans say regardless of the Game 1 loss, they have nothing but faith in their Rangers.

Jared Streich is sending out a message to every Giants fan out there.

"Be very afraid," said Jake Streich, Texas Ranger Fan.

Despite the loss he says that game is now history.

"You know it just didn't work out for us that night but I'm confident we'll come back and win the series," said Streich.

Streich says he's been waiting for this moment since he was a kid and can't believe he'll be there to experience history with the team.

"It's historic and it was awesome to watch game six of the American League Championship Series when we clenched it to go to the World Series and that was just an unbelievable atmosphere a great experience so I just cant wait to see what its like at the world series," said Streich.

Streich is one of the few who holds a golden ticket, he'll be at Game 4 in Arlington.

"We really lucked out I had a family member that got on his phone and just kept hitting redial until he got through when they went on sale and by the grace of god he got through and he was gracious enough to give me a couple of tickets," said Streich.

Streich is a lifelong Texas Rangers fan and his eleven week old son is already decked out in Rangers gear.

"Yeah I've been waiting for this moment since I was a little kid so this is going to be awesome," said Streich.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six.