Call Field Memorial Museum Improvements

One of the crown jewels in aviation history in Wichita Falls has a new look. The Call Field Memorial Museum has completed some remodeling which gave their featured aircraft a new look. It also improved the quality setting for the 1917 Curtiss JN4 "Jenny" WWI airplane and her partners, the 1916 "Model T Staff Car" and the 1914 "Model T Troop Carrier."

Robert Seabury, the Call Field Museum Committee Chairman says, "Wichita Falls played a very unique role in the development of today's Air Force. We're real proud of that and we're trying to display that and make people, our citizens, proud of their city and their role in the Air Force development."

Thursday night there was a fundraiser for the grand re-opening of the museum. It's located at what is now the Kickapoo Airport.