Special Teams: Student Section

Even with the high school football regular season winding down, one group of fans is still stepping it up.  In this week's edition of special teams, Newschannel 6 takes a look at the students who put the scream behind the team.

During Rider High football games, section one in the southwest corner of Memorial Stadium is likely to have standing room only.  Even if it didn't, you'd probably be on your feet the whole time, anyway.  That corner is home to the ROHO student section.

"We love standing for our team and being loud," one student said.

The rows and rows of peers and classmates may even say it's a responsibility to let the team hear them.

"Football players always need us to cheer because it encourages them," said another.

Between the cheers and the chants, the hand movements and giant posters show how the student section comes together.

"'Cause all our classmates are here.  It's family right here.  That's family," a Rider Student said, referring to the crowd.

"Rider's taught me to be as a family.  Don't be selfish as one.  Always come together and be one family, one team," another Rider fan explained.

When the game goes well, the students all yell.  They also enjoy the comradery they feel with other rider faithful.

"Because we sit with our friends.  Because we have fun."

Although they don't put points on the scoreboard, you're sure to hear this special team, when the football team does.

"Yeah baby!  We're number one!  We're going all the way, baby!  Championship!"  That was the shout coming from one fan.
Be sure to tune in to the last edition of special teams on November 5th.

Spencer Blake, Newschannel 6