Texoma Soldier Spending Leave With Family Instead of World Series

A Texoma soldier is back home in Iowa Park and when he got home his friend surprised him with tickets to the game that clinched the Texas Rangers spot in the World Series. He was supposed to go to game four this Sunday before returning to Afghanistan at the beginning of November, but a family emergency will have him watching the game from home.

"Rangers will always be Rangers, but I only have one family and they've been there for me in my rough times and I just want to be there for them," said SSG Tres Biesch, Kanduz, Afghanistan.

SSG Trace Biesch calls himself the ultimate Rangers fan.

During the playoffs he and a buddy even woke up at 2 a.m.

In Afghanistan to watch a Rangers game, trying to get in on every bit of the action even if his fellow soldiers called them crazy.

"To them it's just a baseball game to me and him it was more than that,"  said SSG Biesch.

So many may find it surprising that he turned down the tickets to game four of the World Series while on a 15 day leave here in Texoma.

SSG Biesch's sister was diagnosed with breast cancer two months ago, but his family didn't tell him until this week because they didn't want to give him the news while he was overseas.

"You know I just waved the facts am I going to spend time with my family or am I going to go watch a ranger game you know but it was an easy decision," said SSG Biesch.

And although he may not be at game 4 he says he plans to watch it with the people that matter most to him- his family. He says no matter the outcome of the series he'll always be there to support the Rangers.

"But you know after game 7 win or lose I'm still going to follow them probably til the day I die," said SSG Biesch.

SSG Biesch says his sister had extensive surgery this week and that it went well. He'll head back to Afghanistan at the beginning of November. Until then--he plans to spend as much time with his family as he can.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six