Animals Seized in Young County

More than a dozen animals seized from a home in Newcastle are clean, healthy and closer to finding new homes. The Humane Society of Young County rescued 11 dogs and 6cats on the October 22 because they said they were living in filth.

Today, the Newcastle woman who owned the home in which they were living faced the Humane Society in Young County Court about whether or not she would be allowed to take them back home.

Judge Stan Mahler heard from the Humane Society and saw evidence they stacked up against Martha Pitts, the dog's owner. Pictures in evidence show filthy living conditions, that even the dogs' owner says was unacceptable. "They were in a bad shape as cause like I say, I've been having a hard time for about the last 6 months I've been having some troubles and everything just got away from me," sail Pitts.

Pitts admitted in open court and to our cameras the pictures were an accurate portrayal of conditions.

This hearing was about the civil matter over custody of the animals. Criminal charges could still be filed against Pitts. The Humane Society is meeting with Young County Prosecutors to discuss the case. HSYC Executive Director Kim Baxter says me the main focus of any charges would be simply to prevent Pitts from hoarding animals again, not to result in jail time. She is happy with the outcome of the hearing. "I'm very happy with the outcome. I'd like to make it clear that our only concern is for the animals... I am concerned with her living conditions, but my job is to deal with the animals," said Baxter.

In the time since the animals were seized, many of them have been nursed to better health. We first met a Cocker Spaniel last week who was angry, aggressive and covered in feces-matter fur. He had several infections and parasites. After a private donation for his care, the HSYC staff along with Dr. Forrest Nick Burnham, DVM was able to nurse him back to care. "Little Man Cinco", as he is called, was in the court room today and was very pleasant. Not loud and aggressive as he was last week.

Many of the other dogs and cats have undergone various medical treatments. A Pomeranian and her litter of pups have been cared for. The Pomeranian was unable to relieve herself due to an impaction of feces and fur.

Here is the slide show of pictures taken by at the property.