Sheppard AFB Volunteers Prepare Food Baskets for Holidays

Volunteers at Sheppard's Airmen and Family Readiness Center are working hard to make sure every family there has a holiday meal.

The center has been collecting food since October for its food pantry and come the holiday season they'll be giving food baskets out to families on base in need, but they're not only ones that qualify.

Michael Brown is a Community Readiness Specialist at Sheppard Air Force Base. He says it's been a tough year for families all around.

"We provide food for the family's who are maybe having trouble making ends meet for a particular month we also have thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets to those who are in need during the holiday seasons," said Michael Brown Community Readiness Specialist, Sheppard AFB

The A&FRC  has been doing this for about 20 years for families on base, but they're not the only ones who can receive help. Civilians who work on base or retirees can also receive holiday food baskets.

"Basically anybody that can get on base we see them as a customer," said Brown.

And it's the First Sergeant who helps bridge the gap between families and the center.

"That's the great thing about the First Sergeant they're in contact enough with their people that they know which are the ones that are in true need and they're the ones we get the names from," said Brown.

And this time of year everyone looks forward to seeing 'The Spaghetti Man' who's known for stuffing the shelves with pasta boxes and sauces.

"Of what we currently have I bet he brought in about 98% of what's on the shelves we can count on him all the time for spaghetti its just like clock work we see him every month and a half and the spaghetti man brings in the spaghetti," said Brown.

This Thanksgiving, Brown and his team expect to make 250 baskets for families in need.

"Just helping people that's what we're all about we're here to help family members and those that are in need and certainly food would fit into that category and we're happy to help," said Brown.

The food pantry collects items throughout the entire year from various organizations on base. Any left over items from the Thanksgiving baskets will go toward Christmas baskets.

The last day for families on base to sign up for a food basket is November 9th.  Families are advised to speak to their First Sergeant to get on the Airman and Family Readiness Center's list. The baskets will be distributed Monday before Thanksgiving.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six.