Historic Gubernatorial Race In Oklahoma

Two candidates are battling it out in a historic gubernatorial race.

It will be the first time a woman was governor of Oklahoma.

The polls show republican congressman Mary Fallin has the lead and says she's willing to take what she learned on the campaign trail to office.

"You know the main thing I hear is people are just concerned about their future, they're concerned about having a job, being able to support their families, concerned about their businesses and the recession and how that's affected their livelihoods," Mary Fallin said. "So, that's been my core focus."

She'll be in Tulsa Tuesday to rally last-minute voters.

Despite differences, Fallin and her democratic opponent gave similar statements saying the most important thing right now is for voters to cast their ballots.

"We also try to spend time reaching those undecided voters or the voters who are so frustrated and angry about things that are going on that they just think they are going to stay home, they don't feel like they have an option," Jari Askins said.

Lt. Governor Jari Askins says despite being behind in the polls, she's used to the challenge. Also, that her platform, which centers around education and the state working more intelligently with money, is much more important than any poll.