Texoma Mourns Loss of Community Leader

Folks in Windthorst are mourning the loss of Laurentine Neeb. She was killed in a horrific car accident November 1st at 9:47pm on Highway 281. She drove her car underneath a semi that was blocking both lanes on the highway.

Laurentine Neeb or 'Tina,'  as most of her close friends and family knew her, was a huge part of the Windthorst community. Newchannel6 sat down with her close friend of almost 50 years who talked about Tina's life.

"She has always been an upbeat person cheerful person she was very active in the community in the church she lectured in the services on Sundays she also enjoyed life to the fullest," said Mary Ann Schroeder, Co- Worker and Friend of Laurentine Neeb.

Laurentine was a believer in education. She served as a teacher since 1964 in the Windthorst School District and later as a counselor for Region 9.

Mary Ann Schroeder says Laurentine believed everyone deserved a good education.

"She was a very precise teacher, she was very good, very knowledgeable and she cared very much for students," said Mary Ann.

Laurentine retired from the school system in 1991, but still found a way to remain active in the community. The billboard at the crossroads or 'the cow'  was her way to stay in touch with the residents of Windthorst  on a daily basis.

"She always had these little quips and quotes and it was always something to think about and some of them were really amusing and I noticed on the way in that it had been changed from what it was yesterday," said Mary Ann.

Mary Ann says the news about Laurentine's accident came as shock not only to her, but the entire community and says she will be missed by everyone.

Funeral arrangements for Laurentine are still pending.

Samantha Jordán, Newchannel Six