Big Win for Lanham Lyne

The celebrating began early at the Republican Victory Party at The Forum in Wichita Falls. Lanham Lyne beat Michael Smith in a landslide for the Texas House of Representatives seat in the 69th district. Lyne won with 74 percent of the vote.

Holding a lead of around 75 percent throughout the evening, Lyne addressed the crowd early in the evening. But, the celebrating was limited to Tuesday night.

Lyne said his work in winning the election was just the beginning. Lyne called for a "return to the Constitution" and said the state will have to make some "tough budget cuts."

As the crowd watched the national election returns, Lyne also said "we need to bring our values to Washington as well as Austin."

The large victory came as a surprise to many in the Lyne camp. While Lyne said from the start he fully expected to win, when the numbers started coming in, Lyne said "I didn't expect this." Lyne anticipated a strong conservative showing in this election, but not the anti-Democratic, anti-incumbent sentiment sweeping the nation. But, with such a large margin in his race, Lyne said Texomans may be expressing some of the frustration seen across the country.

While there was certainly excitement in the air, it was also clear everyone at the Victory Party realized it's time for Lyne to get to work.