Michael Smith Concedes Representative Race

Election night was a roller coaster ride of excitement and exhaustion for City Councilman Michael Smith. The Democratic candidate for the District 69th seat in the Texas House of Representatives saw his 11 month campaign come to a halt early in the evening.

His Republican counterpart, former Wichita Falls Mayor Lanham Lyne, took a commanding lead once the polls closed. Lyne won the seat with about 74% of the vote.

The majority of Smith's supporters stayed with the Councilman until he conceded the election close to 9:45 PM. They clapped, cheered, and hugged the man they put their support and time behind.

Councilor Smith smiled when he told the crowd that he had "no regrets" and the race was a "good, clean campaign" that wasn't contentious.

He did however say that he will be in touch throughout the year with Lyne about a majority of issues that may affect Wichita and Archer counties.

Michael Smith will serve out his term on the City Council until early next year. At that point, he will reconsider re-running for the seat.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6