WFPD Catch Three Burglars in The Act

Three suspects are sitting behind bars, accused of burglarizing the Washex building and police say they caught the men in the act.

This is the third reported burglary of the building in the last four nights.

According to the Washex local representative burglaries haven't been an issue since the building closed its doors more than a year ago. So he says three in four nights is no coincidence to him.

Police say on November 3rd at 1 A.M. a veteran officer was on patrol when he decided to check out the Washex property.

"Certainly if you've had one burglary you're going to go and check that place and when you've had two in the last few nights chances are someone's going to go back in their again," Sgt. Joe Snyder, PIO, Wichita Falls Police Department.

And that's exactly what the officer found.

Police say he stumbled upon a suspicious vehicle parked outside and heard what sounded like power tools and other strange noises coming from inside the Washex. That's when the police officer called for back up.

Sgt. Snyder says 12 units from WFPD  along with Wichita County Deputies were on scene within minutes and surrounded the building.

"It wasn't until one of the suspects opened an overhead door and saw officers outside that we realized what part of the building they were in," Sgt. Snyder.

According to Snyder as soon as officers were in the building the first suspect Oliver Mooney was taken into custody.  Minutes later the second suspect, Arnette Evans was found hiding under equipment. However, the third suspect took a little longer to locate.

"You have to be methodical about clearing those rooms so that you aren't injured once they realized that they had checked all the locked areas inside the building then he only could have been on the roof," Sgt. Snyder.

Forty minutes later that's where they found Papillon Mooney.

Officials say the suspects were not armed and claim to be from the Dallas area.

Bob Montgomery, the local represent of the property says "These guys were experienced and knew how to get into electrical panels without getting injured which shows they knew what they were doing."

Police say around ten thousand dollars in materials were recovered from the scene.

Montgomery says the value of copper wire taken in the first two burglaries is still unknown at moment, but says they have an insurance adjuster to assess any loss by removal of the cable. The amount of damaged caused by the break in is still unknown.

All three suspects are charged with burglary of a building, theft of copper, and criminal mischief. Police are trying to determine if the suspects are connected to the first two burglaries.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six