Burkburnett Voters Say No to Renovations

Burkburnett voters shot down two propositions that were on the ballot.

The city won't see major renovations to the community center and a children's splash park is out of the picture.

As of now commissioners aren't looking at funding the two projects through revenue.  It looks as though the people spoke and they got their way.

Two propositions in Burkburnett were on the ballot last night both aimed at beautifying the city.  The first was to remodel an old community center.

The idea was to do some major renovations and try and turn into a small, convention center," said Burkburnett Commissioner Chase Thornton.

That proposition failed to pass.  Only 41 percent of residents were for the renovations.  The renovations would have included $1.6 million in general obligation bonds.  Burkburnett commissioner Chase Thornton thinks he knows why it didn't pass.

"People just don't feel comfortable right now voting for a tax increase, and that was the choice of the people," said Thornton.

Burk residents also shot down another community renovation, updating park and recreation facilities.  The upgrade would have included a children's splash park and $2.5 million in general obligation bonds, only 40 percent of voters were in favor

"When we put it on the ballot the idea was to let the citizens have their say, if they approved it we would have went forward with it, if they didn't that tells us as commissioners that they don't want that done at this time," said Thornton.

In the coming months they'll look at other ways to beautify the community that has a majority of citizens saying no to higher taxes and renovations.

We spoke to several residents who did not want to appear on camera.  Those for the propositions say that you have to pay for progress.  Those against echoed they weren't in favor of higher taxes in a tough economy.