City Working On Dangerous Intersections

When you drive, there visible dangers all around. One of the scariest dangers, however, comes from not being able to see around a corner.

Wichita Falls driver Harry Chillus knows the danger all too well. "Ahh man! They're pretty rough! You gotta' pull half way out in the street to see if a car is coming... I'm afraid I might get hit," exclaimed Chillus.

That worry is echoed by Wichita Falls Traffic Superintendent Mark Beauchamp. "A sight hazard could obviously cause an accident if a person cannot see oncoming traffic and they do not follow good safe driving practices," said Beauchamp.

His department takes steps to prevent the blind spots. "What we do is measure curb to curb 45' and we take a diagonal across that measurement and anything in that 45' zone must be maintained no more than 18" (or no less) than 8' tall," said Beauchamp.

In many cases, those parameters are not met. Intersections along Wenona have blind turns, and a stop sign downtown is blocked by trees. Beauchamp says his crews try to visit each intersection in town at least twice a year, and take steps to fix any dangerous problems right away. For less serious situations, he works with property owners to abate the situation.

If drivers encounter a dangerous spot, Beauchamp advises them to use caution. "Stop and make sure you can see oncoming traffic always stop at the stop signs and maneuver your vehicle in a manner that is safe," he said.

If you notice a problem spot, Beauchamp encourages you to call the Traffic Department at 940-761-7643.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6