Sheppard Officer Receives a Big Welcome Home

A military hero is back in Texoma. Major Tim Lockhart of the 366th Training Squadron has returned to American soil after his fourth deployment.

The excitement started long before this arrival. Neighbors decorated the Lockhart's home and cars to show their appreciation for Maj Lockhart's service and his safe return back home.

Gaby Lockhart says help in the neighborhood has come in all shapes and forms since her husband's deployment overseas.

"One neighbor was cutting the grass for me another was making sure my son was ok and my daughter and if I needed something with my car I mean there was always somebody there who was helping me," said Gaby Lockhart, Maj Tim Lockhart's Wife.

So it was no surprise when help came pouring in the night before Maj Lockhart's arrival to help the family setup for his welcome home .

"They decorated the entire house the outside with flags and ribbons they decorated my car it was just a lot of fun watching them do it all last night,"said Gaby.

And the Lockhart's kids also decided to join in on the fun.

"They made a poster for him  'welcome home dad' with an airport and flowers on it," said Gaby.

Gaby says nothing makes her happier than seeing the community come together to support the troops. Especially when it's her husbands arrival everyone is celebrating.

"It makes me feel really really good because it shows that they are supporting the military and being thankful,' said Gaby.

Maj Lockhart deployed April 26th for a 6 month tour. He will be at Sheppard Air Force Base for another 6 months. Whether he will be deployed again is uncertain.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six