Texoma Mom Takes Stand Against Meth

Dawn Gentry knows the impact Meth use can have. "I wouldn't wish what I've been through on my worst enemy, but I'm not ashamed of it," she said. Her daughter got hooked at a young age, and the battle against addiction took a toll on her family. "Its Hell on Earth... You don't know if they are dead or alive, and sometimes you just pray, God let the phone ring," she said.

Gentry's daughter was able to beat her addiction, and has been clean for more than 2 years. Now, she is taking her experience and forming a group to help others. "I want to talk about it and I want to tell people that there is help and there is other people like me out there that want to help and share and want to try to help families that have been through what I've been through," she said.

She's forming a Wichita Falls chapter of Mothers Against Methanphetamine. "I think we need to all try to help each other and our community has a huge problem with drugs. I've always known that I'm not in this alone, but Wichita Falls is just a confirmation that we need to do something," she said.

He goal is to provide support for families of those impacted by the drug, and to give addicts a chance to get clean. "If one person at a time gets off of drugs, its worth it... Its a horrible thing, it destroys lives," she said.

The first meeting is set for 6PM Tuesday at the Wichita Falls Public Library, 600 11th Street, Room 203.

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Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6