P.E.T.S. Making Sure Texoma Elder's Pets Don't go Hungry

Elderly residents in Texoma are doing everything to make sure their pets don't hungry. In some cases that means giving their pet their only meal for the day.

Newschannel Six spoke to a group here in Texoma who is making a huge effort to make sure no one has to choose and every mouth is fed.

Since august the P.E.T.S.  Pantry Project has raised a little under 10,000lbs of pet food.  They say its still not enough. P.E.T.S. will be teaming up with Meals on Wheels in December to make sure everyone in the home has a full belly.

According to Leslie Harrelson many of the seniors who are part of the Meals on Wheels program have little interaction with anyone but their pets. So it's no surprise the measures they'll go to, to make sure they are alive and well.

"A lot of these people with Meals on Wheels,  their companion animals are all they have they may not have family in the area they may not be able to get out and socialize with other groups," said Leslie Harrelson, Owner of P.E.T.S.

"For many of these seniors that is the only person that they have any contact with during the day other there than the person who stops by and delivers their meal, " said Lorie Weaver, Director of P.E.T.S. Pantry Project.

With the program, Harrelson and Weaver hope to deliver a months worth of pet food to seniors every month, starting in December.

"By this program starting in December this will allow the Meals on Wheels clients to better focus on their own health,  own nutrition knowing full well that their pets are taken care of," said Weaver.

Animals will have to meet certain requirements in order to get assistance.

"We want them spade and neutered we want to have them vaccinated we want to have good healthy pets and we also want the meals on wheels clientele to have help with that, " said Weaver.

Pets has pledged to help seniors with any vaccinations or treatments their pets may need.

"We figured if we can help them feed their pets they can keep their own food and the food they're able to get through the Meals on Wheels program for themselves and still have their wonderful companion and a full belly," said Harrelson.

As of now Weaver's goal is to have both December and January covered for all the seniors who sign up for the pet food assistance. P.E.T.S. will personally deliver all the food because they want to get well acquainted with their clients.

P.E.T.S. will be having a food drive sponsored by Purina Rally to Rescue this Saturday at the P.E.T.S. location. Their goal is to raise more money and food donations for December and January.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six.