Concerns Over The Harvey House At MSU

Questions are being raised about the Harvey house at Midwestern State University.

Newschannel six sat down with MSU's President Dr. Jesse Rogers to address some concerns over the home.

Many are concerned over the money being spent on renovations, when the university is facing state mandated budget cuts.

Dr. Rogers says the home was donated by the Harvey family.

The donors original intent was for the home to become the new home for the president.

Dr. Rogers decided not to live in the house, but decided instead to have MSU sell the home.

"Basically I think the family is in agreement and understand that we're selling it and they seemed find with it. When we do sell it will be a very nice asset of the university and I think we will use it to honor the Harvey family," said Dr. Rogers.

The MSU President says there were several issues that needed to be addressed, leaky gas lines, duct work and heating and air conditioning issues, just to name a few.

He also believes renovations to the home will help it sell quicker.