Hundreds Of Bills Filed As Texas Lawmakers Head Back To The Capitol

On their first day back to Austin, state lawmakers were ready with new legislation.

More than 300 bills were filed throughout the day Monday.

And for many, cracking down on illegal immigrants was a top priority.

One Republican state senator even slept on the lobby floor outside the Texas House for two nights so she could be first in line to officially file the bills.

"Well, I think the people have spoken in this last election. They are absolutely sick and tired of political correctness. They're absolutely sick and tired of people disrespecting and disregarding our immigration laws, and they're very concerned about the crime, regarding gang related crime," Debbie Riddle said.

One of the bills she filed would require a photo ID or two forms of non-photo ID to vote in a Texas election.

The other would allow Texas police to arrest anyone who is in the country illegally, saying it is criminal trespassing.