K2 Officially Banned in Nocona

Council Members in Nocona officially banned the sale of k2 on Tuesday.

Yet many in the city aren't happy about the potential ban on the synthetic substance marketed as incense in many Texoma towns.

"I don't see any reason, it's just an herb," says one Nocona teen.

"That's a right people can, they won't get in trouble for using," another teen chimes in.

It seems that many in Nocona are divided on k2, the synthetic substance that produces a marijuana like high when smoked.

Yet James Deane, a Nocona resident, can't wait to get k2 off the streets. "I know a fellow who smoked that stuff and his lungs started messing up on him and he couldn't breathe," says Deane, "He had to go to the hospital."

Don Davis, a city council member, heard about the potential k2 effects from his son, who is a Doctor in Fort Worth. "My son told me that it was an arrhythmia problems with it," he explains, "And I just made up my mind, we are going to do something about it."

That's why Davis brought the ordinance to the city of Nocona, to make possession and the sale of k2 illegal.

"It's a major problem in this area because they are still selling it," says Deane. "100% do not sell it anywhere in the United States. It's dangerous, it will start killing people."

Before Tuesday's meeting, the city went to businesses and warned them of a potential ban. Many stopped the sale, yet Councilman Davis suspects k2 is still available.

"I know there is," says Davis, "I've seen it."

At Tuesday's City Council meeting, all members voted to ban the sale within the city limits of Nocona. The mayor signed the new ordinance, making the sale and possession of k2 officially illegal.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6