Texoma Couple Find 19 Stranded Puppies In Bowie

Nineteen puppies were abandoned in the middle of the country with no one in site. These dogs aren't even old enough to be separated from their mothers.

Eleven of the puppies are under 10 days old- they haven't even opened their eyes yet.  The other 8 are a little under 4 weeks old and all are having to be fed by a syringe, but not without a little help from the woman who found them.

Betty Allen says her home has become a haven for stray animals over the years.

"We have rescued at least a half a dozen dogs but we've made an effort to place these dogs and we've manage to do it all," said Bette Allen, Rescued Puppies.

She never imagined she'd take in more than 26 puppies and a dog at one time, but that's what happened Sunday afternoon.

Allen says she and her husband where driving down this Montague County road when they came across an older male dog and 4 puppies.

"I said we can't leave those puppies out there for coyote bait we cant do it they're innocent little babies and we just cant leave them there," said Allen.

However,  that wasn't the only thing she found. Bette says after picking up the 4 puppies she heard what sounded like whimpering coming from the grass.

"I started pulling puppies out and I thought I was never going to see then end of the puppies," said Allen.

Bette says she still can't figure out how 19 defenseless puppies ended up on the side of the road.

"This was a horrific situation I just cant imagine anyone putting helpless tiny babies out along the road to be coyote bait," said Allen.

The Allens are doing everything they can to nurse the puppies back to health.

"It's up to somebody else to mother them and take care of them and love on them I try to make them feel a little more comfortable but its a big job," said Allen.

And even though it's a big job, she says it's something she doesn't mind doing.

"I'm just doing this to help these little guys get through the first few stages of their lives so that so that they can be happy in another home," said Allen.

The Allen's contacted a veterinarian based out of Henrietta to help find homes for the dogs. The vet's office is in the process the calling area shelters.

Money to care for the dogs is coming straight out of the Allen's wallets, but Bette says they don't mind doing it..

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six