TRP Changing Lives in Texoma One Ramp at a Time

A new statewide organization is changing lives here in Texoma. The Texas Ramp Project is teaming up with First United Methodist Church of Wichita Falls and Archer City to help people in the community get in and out of their homes.

Newchannel Six spoke to a family who is already reaping the benefits of their new ramp.

Dennis Brooks says up until the last 40 days  things were a little hard when it came to getting his parents into the house. So when he found out this organization was going to come out and build this ramp for his parents words could barely describe his appreciation.

"He was literally moved to tears to see how much easier we made it for his parents to be able come in and out of their home," said Troy Sims, Christian Education Pastor, FUMC of Wichita Falls.

Dennis Brooks says he never knew a 36 ft ramp could make all the difference for him and his family.

"Oh its 100% easier, she just fits right in and she goes my dad he's still capable with a walker to get in and out so it makes it easier for him, " said Dennis Brooks, Ramp Built for Parents.

For the last 5 years Dennis has been carrying his mother into the home because he was unable to wheel her in due to the front porch steps. He says everyone is excited about the ramp even though some are still getting used to the idea.

"It took them a little while to get used to it, but once she's gets to it she's ok and now my mom she'll bell in that wheel chair and say lets go so out the door we go," Brooks.

The Brooks are only 1 of 9 families in the Texoma area who have received a brand new ramp, but according to Pastor Rick Davis from First United Methodist Church of Archer City the program is still in the beginning stages and they hope to expand all over Texoma.

"No one in God's creation should be secluded to their homes simply because they don't have the money," Rick Davis, Pastor of FUMC, Archer City.

Brook says their life changing ramp only took 3 and half hours to build and says he's still taken back by the community's generosity.

"He couldn't stop thanking us for helping make that happen because you could tell he loved his parents and was not able to do that for them but was thrilled to see someone else could," said Sims.

"They gave up one of their Saturdays to come and put this thing up for my mom and dad and we just want to say thanks from the bottom of our hearts," said Brooks.

According to Pastor Troy Sims, the Texas Ramp Project in Texoma started in April and they have built one ramp a month since then the next scheduled ramp project will be November 20th.

For more information about the Texas Ramp Project:
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Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six