Texomans on Hunt to Find a Job Before the Holidays

Thousands of Texomans are on the hunt for a job, and many are hoping to find one before the holidays.

Workforce Solutions estimates more than 5,000 people use their resources.

When Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around it can be a difficult time for individuals searching for a job.

The good thing is the city has gained hundreds of jobs these past few months and our unemployment rate went down last month.  It's that encouraging outlook Workforce Solutions tells its clients to keep them driven and optimistic.

Encouraging words line the walls of Workforce Solutions and people like Jennifer Finto fill their chairs.

"I just started (searching) today," said Finto.

She is on the hunt for a second job.  Right now she's not getting enough hours.  She says she needs more and like anyone that's searching she'd like to find one before the holidays roll around, but Jennifer isn't worry too much about it.

"I don't think about it until it gets here.  There's no sense in stressing over it," said Finto.

"We're seeing a steady new flow of job postings, this week for example we have 13 new jobs in the system," said Linda Noble with Workforce Solutions.

She estimates about 250 new jobs are in their system, updating weekly, and the holiday season adds a slight increase in seasonal jobs.  Even if you're looking for a full-time
position Linda says don't look the other way when a seasonal job pops up.

"A lot of the time if you take a seasonal or part-time job and you do a good job for the employer then they will find a way to keep you," said Noble.

Although it's easy to get discouraged when you've been on the hunt for a while know that it takes about three to ten months to find a job, and although the holidays are just weeks away there are jobs and plenty of them.

Workforce Solution offers plenty of help to jobs seekers, from computer classes, to job readiness workshops.

All you need to do to is stop by and sign up with them.  They are located off Jacksboro Highway.

From August to September unemployment in Wichita Falls went from 8 percent to 7.3.  Texas also saw a drop, that number was 8.1 percent and is now 7.9.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6