Palin-Perry Would Garner Attention, Analyst Says

Perry and Palin.  Those are two names that are fueling the fire as the two may have a political future together.  Sarah Palin stopped in Dallas Wednesday where she and Texas Governor Rick Perry briefly shared the stage at an anti-abortion benefit.  But at a book signing Perry tried to end any speculation that he has plans to run for president.

"Oh yeah, I've considered it and I've said, 'No, that's not where I want to go.'  I want to stay here in this state and help lead," he said.

A political analyst agrees that a Palin-Perry political pairing would generate tremendous interest, but says it would likely be the type of interest the Republican Party would rather avoid.  A new poll shows Palin is the most polarizing of the potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates. Others leaving a more positive impression include Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney.