Messages To Cadets, A Texoma Veteran's WWII Memories

Thursday we honor those who have served our country, U.S. veterans who sacrificed and risked their lives to protect our freedoms.

But on this day, many of those veterans are also taking time to remember fellow soldiers and war time experiences.

Newschannel 6 Lindsey Rogers sat down with one Texoma veteran who played a unique role in the Womens Army Air Corps during World War II.

"Every war I've had somebody. My brother served in WWII, another brother served in Korean War, and my son was in Vietnam, so, I know what war is."

Louise Olson also knows war because at age 21 and at the beginning of World War II, she left her small Texas town and joined the Womens Army Air Corps.

She completed her basic training in Louisiana and spent the next three years stationed at several different locations in the South.

Olson, who was then Private Daniel, went to work in the Cadet Message Center and became the company mail clerk.

"It's the most popular thing you can be because mail is important to the soldiers," she said.

Eventually Olson became a calisthenics instructor, leading PT until the war ended.

Also during her service, Olson became part of history, as the women in the Army Air Corps were sworn in as direct members of the military.

"Some people kindly resented us because we were taking their place over here for them to go overseas and so as time went by, people got used to it and now it's an everyday thing," she said.

Olson is spending this Veterans Day proud of her service and her country.

"It's good be in the home of the free and brave. We don't know how good off we are to be able to do things in the states, because not ever country gets to do the things and have privileges that we have," she said.

Serving our country is some what of a family thing, both of Olson's late husbands served in World War II and her 20 year-old grandson is currently completing his basic training in South Carolina.

Lindsey Rogers, Newschannel 6