Homeless Veterans Finding Help in Texoma

Veterans make up about 30% of the homeless population in the U.S.

Newschannel Six hit the streets to find out if this is a problem in Texoma

Sgt. Joe Welch says the Army never trained him to ask for help.

"We weren't trained to ask for help, we were trained to go fix it. Now if you need fixing that's a whole other ball game," said Sgt. Joe Welch, Homeless Veteran.

However, on this Veteran's Day, this former soldier is setting aside prior training and seeking a helping hand to get back on his feet.

"Well when it comes down to it if I have to and that's the last resort I will but that's about the only way I will," said Welch.

According to Veteran and Commander Joel Jimenez of the Disabled American Veterans Chapter in Wichita Falls, instances like these aren't uncommon.

"How are you going to break the barrier of a veteran that was trained to be hard, have pride, honor his country,  honor to his fellow man and woman, honor to his service to go beg for food- you aint going to do that," said Joel Jimenez, Commander of Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 41.

And despite this common way of thinking, Jimenez says its all about letting veterans know there's always hope even if times are tough, and it all starts with the community.

"You got my back I got your back,  I think we have to put that mind set back into the homeless situation or those veterans that are just ready to give up because they don't have what we have," said Jimenez.

The DAV have a multitude of programs to help veterans get back on their feet.

For more information on how to get help for homeless veterans go to: www.dav41.com .

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six