From The Inside Out, Art From Allred At The Kemp Center

The Kemp Center tries to bring the community together through art, featuring only artists who have a connection to Texoma.

The museum is breaking barriers, even reaching behind prison walls.

Newschannel 6 Lindsey Rogers got a look at a current exhibit that features artwork from Allred inmates.

Artwork Allred inmates create cover the walls and cases downstairs at the Kemp Center.

"I could only imagine being inside a prison and confined and restricted to the point you're overflowing with creativity and nice to see they're given the chance to tap into that and make something of it," gallery exhibit Cody Mason said.

We got to go inside the craft room, on an exclusive tour of the prison last week.

We met inmates who had tapped into their talent since being incarcerated and others who were craftsmen before being locked up.

"They can use just a pencil and piece of paper and really pull off some professional results or even a leather craftsman out there who can make a koozi with just about any sports team you'd like on it," Mason said.

He said the Kemp Center has displayed the art from Allred for the past three years.

All of the pieces are for sale at the price it costs to make them.

"They have an account set up out there and that money will go back to them to buy more art supplies and then they can send some to their family," Mason said.

Mason said the community has responded well to the exhibit and that several repeat museum-goers come just to check out the new pieces.

He said it helps showcase the talent across Texoma, while giving the inmates something to work toward.

"Even through their works they're showing they're making something of themselves. Even if they've had a wrong past and went wrong somewhere," Mason said.

The exhibit will be showcased in the Kemp Center's "What's up Downstairs" gallery through November 27th.

Lindsey Rogers, Newschannel 6