LED Street Lights Up & More are on the Way

The City of Wichita Falls is currently in the process of lighting up the town.

The city received almost a $1 million a year ago in stimulus money to put up light-emitting-diode lights, also known as LED lights on streets.

The city says this project will save taxpayers money.  Crews are still in the process of replacing lights, but they already know how much this project will shave off the budget.

"We're expecting to save in energy costs of around $85,000 to $100,000 a year," said Assistant City Manager, Jim Dockery.

That's just by replacing 1,500 out of more than 8,000 street light fixtures with new energy efficient LED lights.

"We're getting 7-8 pallets of lights in per week.  As we get them in the staff is trying to get them out in the field and up and operational as quick as possible," said Director of Transportation, John Burrus.

Right now three areas have the lights in place:  Weeks park to Midwestern; Louis Rodriguez Drive to Kemp on Midwestern Parkway; and from McNiel to Fairway.  There's still more to come.

"The whole length of Southwest Parkway.  We're looking at doing the whole length of MLK Jr.  These light fixtures will be dispersed all over the community," said Burrus.

It's going to take months to finish replacing the lights.

"Wichita Falls will have more LED roadway lights in operation than any other city in the state of Texas," said Burrus.

The lights last a lot longer too, with a life cycle of about 15 to 20 years, and when you're driving you can't even notice a difference, but the city does, they see the savings in your pocket.

"I think that it's another way the city is trying to hold down costs for its taxpayers," said Dockery.

Burrus says he expects crews will be done updating the lights sometime in the spring.  They will not be placed on highways or in neighborhoods.

The city says it may consider replacing all lights in the near future.  Each one costs between $500 to $600.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6.