A Sergeant's Special Surprise

An airman's family will spend the evening at home together for the first time in over 6 months. Yet the weekend began a little early for Tech. Sergeant Sean Blumenhein and it started with a special surprise.

Sergeant Sean Blumenhein walked off the plane in Wichita Falls and into the arms of his wife. They become reacquainted after being apart for 193 days and the Sergeant had a little surprise in mind.

"I'm going to go surprise my kids!" he exclaims.

His wife Kristin was a part of the secret. "We planned on him coming in on the weekend and so the kids have always thought "he's coming in on the weekend" and when he came in on Friday we though we'd surprise them at school," she says.

That's exactly what they did. First stop, to 4-year-old son Noah's pre-school. Noah ran into the arms of his father, smiling from ear to ear.

"You're always kind of homesick," says Sgt. Blumenhein, "Miss the family."

Then the family went to Fowler Elementary to surprise 6-year-old Ryan and 7-year-old Emily in front of the whole school.

The Sergeant also got a chance to thank the community for all of their support while he was overseas in the United Arab Emirates.

"I just appreciate all the sentiments from everyone and it's been very nice and I've gotten a lot of support. I appreciate the care packages that everyone sent in. It really means a lot to us," he says.

While the whole family was together once again, the kids only had one thing they wanted to do with their dad.

"They want to go to Braums," he says, "I've promised them ice cream and they seem to remember that."

As far as keeping the big surprise a secret, the Sergeant said it was simple;his kids aren't allowed to go on facebook to see his status.

Sergeant Blumenhein plans to be home with the family for a while.

 Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6