Gas Prices on the Rise

Just ahead of the holiday travel season, gas prices are on the rise. The national average is up about 8 cents from this time last week. The Federal Reserve weakened the Dollar in order to grow exports. That made costs spike across the board, including fuel.

AAA Spokesperson Dan Ronan says prices have been relatively stable, but still a bit higher than this time last year. "To fill up a tank, most people are paying an average of $38.00 this time last year it was $35.00 So there is a difference of about $3.00 a tank full," said Ronan.

Ronan says not to worry about large increases like we saw several years ago. That is well in line with many of the thoughts of drivers we spoke with. Many have the worries of large increases in the back of their mind but are not too concerned. AAA is set to release its holiday travel forecast next week. Ronan says folks will be surprised by the number of people expected to hit the roads for Thanksgiving.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6