WFPD Arrests Man for Driving Under the Influence of K2

Franklin Johnson
Franklin Johnson

K2 isn't illegal in Wichita Falls, but a man here is facing charges for driving under the influence of the legal herb.

Wichita Falls police were called out to the Walgreen's on 9th street on November 12th. Witnesses told police a driver hit a curb, then a pole and then parked the car in the Walgreen's parking lot. Witnesses told police the man driving the car went into the store.

Police say when they walked in the store, they saw a man with a green leafy substance on his shirt. Police say the man was nervous, jittery and acting intoxicated. Officers found more of what they believe to be the same substance on his shirt after a search of his car. The bag had the name "K2" on it.

34-year-old Franklin Johnson faces charges for driving while intoxicated.