3D Learning Making its Way to Burkburnett ISD

Cutting of edge technology will be coming into a Texoma school classroom. Burkburnett ISD will now be able to conduct certain science subjects in 3D. The school district is the first in Region 9 to have this resource available to them.

Keeping a students attention in the classroom can be tough when you're up against cell phones and Ipods, but Burkburnett educators are hoping that will all change after this week.

"We are reaching out and touching students in the way they're learning today not the way I learned, not the way you learned in school but its just a whole new way," said Judith Schmidt, Director of Technology & Services, BISD.

3D learning is making its way from movie theaters and to the classroom,  all with hopes of reaching students on multiple platforms.

"You always have a variety of students and theirs a good portion of students that's you can tell and they're like yes we understand and then there's students who like to manipulate things with their hands and we have that other section of students that really needs to see what's going on to truly understand it and I hope it grabs those kids," said Pam Francis, BHS Science Teacher.

As of now BISD will have one 3D cart projector at the middle school and high school. Each with 25 pairs of 3D glasses for the students. The program is geared towards three science physics, biology and chemistry.  Math is the next subject they will focus on.

"It'll really give them that opportunity to see the things that we have a difficult time explaining either verbally or showing the pictures of in their books so I think it'll really help make those connections," said Francis.

"Times have changed I've been teaching for 30 yrs now and I've seen a big difference used to be you could lecture kids and that's gone you have to entertain them," said Kay Thomas, BMS Science Teacher.

Their are 200 different lessons to chose from with the program and they will be introduced to the students this week. 

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six