Regents Stand Behind Dr. Jesse Rogers

The fate of MSU president Dr. Jesse Rogers is no longer on the line.  Early Monday evening regents met to discuss his position, but what came out of the meeting was an overwhelming support of his duties as president.

For an hour and half regents were in executive session but when that was done, they said there was no vote and that they stand behind Dr. Rogers and his commitment to the University.

The room was filled and packed full of supporters.

"For those of us who have the privilege of working alongside Dr. Rogers for a number of years that word, exceptional, has a different meaning," said Arnold Oliver.

"Dr. Rogers has done nothing wrong in his conduct as his duties as our president," said Tom Hoffman.

In the meeting regents and supporters sat alongside Dr. Rogers, never questioning his actions regarding spending on the Harvey house.

"There is a marketing strategy known as staging.  Many of you who have watched HGTV know the best way to sell a house is to put it in the most attractive and enhanced condition possible," said Hoffman.

In order to do that Dr. Rogers spent $300,000 renovating the home.  It was donated to the University from the Harvey family as the new president's house, but Dr. Rogers declined
opting to sell it and in doing so he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in donor money to spruce it up.

"Obviously a complex issue but all well ends well and I think this will end well," said Dr. Rogers.

Co-workers unanimously supported Dr. Rogers as president.  As far as the Harvey house is concerned he has some ideas in mind, but says it will be up to the board to decide and that decision won't happen until it's sold.

"It's a wonderful piece of property and we will use it to the advantage of the students and faculty."

Statement issued by Regents:

The Board of Regents of Midwestern State University is acutely aware of the concerns of the MSU student body, faculty, staff, and community concerning the expenditures at the Harvey house.  Donors were generous enough to donate private funds to furnish the Harvey house and were fully aware that the money would be utilized for that purpose.  These funds could not have been used toward any other university expenditure.  None of the funds used for furnishings were derived from the state, student tuition, or students fees.  Under the current administration of President Jesse Rogers, and with the support of the Board of Regents, MSU has achieved unprecedented success and national acclaim.  The Board of Regents fully supports Dr. Jesse Rogers.