Boxes For Texoma Troops Overseas

Families across Texoma are getting together their holiday plans and that includes what to give for gifts. This year you have an opportunity to help make sure Texoma troops serving overseas have something to open Christmas Day.

The Disabled American Veterans along with the Texas American Veterans Thrift Store has already collected more than 200 boxes for the troops. However, these boxes wont be going to just any troops, they'll be going to Texoma military men and women who are serving overseas.

Joel Jimenez is a Vietnam War Veteran who has made it his personal mission to make sure troops overseas receive a care package this Christmas.

"They're important packages because being in a combat zone like I was it was just a great uplifting feeling to receive something from the United States of America," said Joel Jimenez Vietnam War Veteran, Commander of DAV- Ch 41.

However, he's not doing it alone. Jimenez and other members of the DAV are teaming up with the Texas American Veterans Thrift Store.

The thrift store has sent care packages twice since last year and the initiative keeps growing. The first time they sent 26 packages and this time they're looking to send more than 200.

"It's really great that we can all support each other to help support them," said Jeanne Stewart, Manager of Texas American Veterans Thrift Store.

Stewart says collecting boxes is the easy part what's not so easy is collecting donations needed to pay for shipping costs.

"We ask for donations I have a little jar by the register and people put their pennies and dollars and five  dollars in there, " said Stewart.

It's going to cost at least $2000 to ship all 200 boxes, but organizers say you can't  put a price when it comes to helping those who protect our freedom.

"We're saying hey we appreciate what you're doing and this is a token of our appreciation and this is where its at," said Jimenez.

"Without them we wouldn't be free," said Stewart.

Stewart says they have raised about $300  to cover shipping cost. The boxes for the troops will be sent December 1st that way they can get to Afghanistan in time for Christmas.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six

Items in Boxes for Troops:

Powdered Drink Mixes
Baby Wipes
Small Bottles of Lotion
Shampoo and Conditioners
Lip Balm
Non-Perishable Food
Popcorn- Nuts
Tabasco Sauce- Small Bottle
Anything from home that will not spoil en-route
Games, Cards, Writing Tablets, Pens, Crossword Books
Pillows- Small
Disposable Cameras
Gum, Hard Candy