DEVELOPING: Law Enforcement Hunts Meth Suspects in Texoma

Tina Darlene Pierce
Tina Darlene Pierce
Clinton Ray Trahern
Clinton Ray Trahern

Law enforcement across the state of Texas is hunting down suspects indicted on charges in Montague County.

Just before 6 a.m. Wednesday morning, law enforcement hit the streets to track down 9 suspects all charged with sealed indictments from Montague County District Court. "6 a.m. this morning we served sealed indictments which closed a 2-year investigation into drug manufacture and transportation in Montague County," said Sheriff Paul Cunningham.

Cunningham says 3 are already in his jail. Another suspect was arrested in Temple, TX. They are each charged with engaging in organized criminal activity - possession or transport with intent to manufacture a controlled substance. "It has to do with the manufacture and delivery of Methanphetamine. I don't know if you know what a 'smurf' is but that's where they go out in teams to local pharmacies and drug stores and buy large quantities of pseudofed," said Cunningham.

40-year-old Angela Gay Duke was arrested in Ringgold. 44-year-old Tina Darlene Pierce was arrested in Bowie as was 23-year-old Clinton Ray Trahern. Trahern's mother says she has no idea he was charged. She said he was arrested as he was leaving for work. She said he is also a student and stays out of trouble. She says he is expecting to learn more about his charges Thursday in court.

Right now other state and local agencies are working to find 5 more suspects. They are spread out across the state. One is believed to be in Abilene. Taylor county deputies are working to bring that person in. Yet another is believed to be in Bellevue, and Clay County Deputies are tracking that suspect. When arrested, those suspects will be taken to the jails there, before being transferred to Montague County to face the charges.

Three more suspects are still being tracked in Montague county, but one is thought to possibly be out of state.

Sheriff Cunningham says today's indictments and arrests are designed to take a big bite out of problem. "We hope we took a major wheel out of (the Montague Meth problem), but time is going to tell. As you take one out two more come on...So its just a continual battle to try to get them out of the County," he said.

Newschannel 6 has been out with the Agents as they work to bring in the suspects, we will keep tracking this developing story. We will bring you instant updates as they happen right here on

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6