Texoma Kids Helping Kids in Need Across The World

Kids are helping kids this Christmas season. The Wichita Falls community is coming together to help those less fortunate in other countries.

Kids from First Baptist Church of Wichita Falls are doing everything they can to make sure kids all over the world get a present this Christmas. One particular family has been doing this for 9 years and they say theirs nothing more rewarding than the feeling of giving.

While many teens are spending their afternoons playing video games and watching TV, brother and sister Shannon and Nathan Roach are putting gift boxes together to ensure poverty stricken children have a gift to open this Christmas.

"It's good feeling to knowing that you're helping out with something bigger than you and its just sending out toys to other kids who really don't have a Christmas gift," said Shannon Roach, Volunteer.

First Baptist Church of Wichita Falls has been working with Operation Christmas Child for 10 years now and the Roach family have been helping for 9 of those years.

"I've been blessed gods blessed with a great family lots of cool toys and I mean these kids don't even have shoes sometimes," said Nathan Roach, Volunteer.

"This is kind of a burden in my heart because missions is just kind of my thing," said Shannon.

Gift boxes will reach children who are suffering from poverty, war, disease, famine and natural disaster all over the world.

"There's so many children who really never get a Christmas present they never get a gift of any kind from anybody and this is one way that somebody who has an opportunity to have gifts to give to children you have nothing," said Clint Tittsworth, WF Operation Christmas Child Local Coordinator.

Twins Shannon and Nathan will volunteer about 30 hours of their time this week to ensure these boxes make it time for Christmas.

"It's not that hard just some toys and some hard candy and stuff and you could make a child's Christmas, said Nathan.

"I think is teenagers get together and do stuff like this then we really could change the world," said Shannon.

First Baptist Church says these boxes will reach children anywhere from Mexico to Russia. They hope to collect about 5,000  boxes  by next week.

The big ship date for these gift boxes will be next Tuesday.  They'll be sent to Aurora, Colorado where they'll be sorted and sent to their designated country.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six.