A Journey Through Time in Wichita Falls

City leaders are inviting everyone to journey through the history of Wichita Falls. The Landmark Commission and City Planning staff unveiled a new historic sites brochure.

Not only does this new brochure highlight current historical landmarks and districts here in the community, but it also showcases sites and buildings that may have either been demolished, destroyed or altered.

In Karen Gange's eyes you can't move forward unless you know where you've been.

"We have to know where we've been and what our community was built on in order to have a better understanding for the future," said Karen Gange, Wichita Falls City Planner.

Ganges says with the brochure she and her team developed she feels it will give others a better understanding of how Wichita Falls came to be. One famous house mentioned in the brochure is the Walter M. Pridday house.

It was demolished earlier this year, but not before resident Cindy Cotton and her husband bought bricks from the home to salvage a piece of history.

"After we bought it my husband realized that its was really a part of history and so we took pictures of it and then he took it up and cleaned it and laid it in our driveway exactly as it was laid at the Priddy home," said Cindy Cotton, West Floral Heights District Resident.

The 'Journey Through Time' brochure features 27 landmarks and two historical districts.

Cindy and her husband live in one of those districts and she believes everyone should help preserve our history.

"I think its important because it reminds us of who came before us," said Cindy.

"We have a lot of things that are historic in Wichita Falls that has value beyond this community key leaders that have made a difference when you think of Kemp and Kell there influence goes beyond Wichita Falls," said Gange

There are currently 75,000 copies of this brochure. You can also get an audio copy of the brochure.Officials say it will be available within the next two days.

Samantha Jordán, Newschannel Six

Places to get your brochure:

Chamber of Commerce
Kell House Museum
Kemp Center for the Arts
Museum of North Texas History
Wichita Falls Rail Museum
Wichita Falls Fire and Police Museum
Kell Air Field Terminal Building
Call Field Aviation Memorial Museum WWI Curtiss Jenny
Wichita Falls Museum of Art