Wounded Warriors Honored In Wichita Falls

They put their lives on the line to keep the United States free. Many come back from the battlefield with scars and wounds to prove it. Thursday night those wounded warriors were honored in Wichita Falls.
Sheppard Air Force Base, Fort Sill and the Wichita Falls Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America are hosted a "Salute To Wounded Warriors" at the MPEC.
About 100 soldiers and airmen were recognized for their personal sacrifices.
The parents of three soldiers killed in action were also there.

Retire Lieutenant Colonel Larry Petrash, "These people that have been wounded in action, we wanted to recognize them for their valor and for their heroism and their protection of this country."

A humbling night for the estimated 800 in attendance tonight. Fort Sill Chief of Staff Colonel Daniel Karbler and Lieutenant Larry Grauerholz 96th Bombardment Group B-17 Navigator were the guest speakers for the event.