Graham Taken Over by Monsters

There's something big headed to Texoma... Real big.

Organizers are getting ready for a monster truck arena racing event in Graham Saturday night. "We got high-flying, smashin, trashin monster truck action here in the Young County Arena Saturday night... We're going to smash and trash and run over cars and vans and anything else we can find here in Graham to run over," said event promoter Michael Harper.

The event also features Legend Car and Mini Sprint Car races. Those cars may be smaller, but they still pack a big punch. "They're small but they run real fast. They will go 110-120 Mph," said car builder and racer Neal Cantor.

Some of the drivers are even pint-size, but they have big dreams. Kyle Weatherman, 13, is not even old enough for a learner's permit, but he tears around the dirt track in his Petty-Blue Legend car at blistering speeds. "Its really special, I'm glad I can do it I hope I can make it to NASCAR," said Weatherman. When racing, he says he gets in a zone "There's not much time to think about it all you can think about is what's in front of you and what marks you're going to hit next and where you're going to let off the gas... You just have to hold on," he explained.

The event starts at 5pm, tickets are $5.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6