Box-A-Thon Raises More than $1,500 for Faith Mission

This weekend a little more than a dozen university students slept in what else, but a box.

As part of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity annual Box-A-Thon, members slept outside for three days and two nights on the corner of Hampstead and Taft to raise money and awareness about homelessness.

They raised $1,500 by getting donations from drivers.  All the proceeds will go towards Faith Mission and the mission can use the money as they please.

"The city gets a front row view to see what it's really like to be homeless.  It also lets the brothers see what it would be like if they didn't have a house and empathize with these people," said Kappa Sigma Fraternity Member, Andrew Lindsey.

"It helps me to realize that in Wichita Falls we're teaching our young people to care about people, we're not being so selfish," said Executive Director of Faith Mission, John Welter.

The check will be handed out later this week to Faith Mission.

The $1,500 they calculated does not include any of the change they received so they do expect that number to be higher.  The fraternity has put the event on for 20 years.