Graham Fundraises for Drug Dog

The city of Graham is taking steps to take drugs off its streets by raising money to enlist a drug dog into the police ranks.

Graham has had its fair share of drug problems. One officer estimated that about 90 percent of all crimes committed within the city limits are drug related. That's why the President of the Citizens Police Auxiliary, Mike Elmore, is fighting to get a drug dog to snuff out the illegal stuff off the streets.

"It's a poison, it's a poison that's affecting our kids and parents and on up the line," says Elmore, "And so we don't care if its just a little bit off the street or a big amount. Either way, we just don't want it here in Graham."

To get drugs out of the city Elmore was inspired by a television interview featuring a high profile drug dealer, who shared his worst fears.

"They asked him, do you fear the FBI, DEA, CIA-- who is it you fear the most? And with a kind of a crooked grin, he looked into the camera and he goes, 'I fear a cop with a drug dog more than anything.' I think that says it for you," he exclaimed."It's time we became proactive instead of reactive."

It costs about $50,000 to get the k-9 unit, but that's not just for the dog.

"You're looking at a top of the line police dog with a top of the line equipment for him and the officer to be able to do their job---and that's what it takes," Elmore says.

The city has worked hard to get close to their goal. Through the use of fundraisers and private donations, Graham is nearly $15,000 dollars closer to making the k-9 dream a reality.

"People who are supplying this and walking around selling this and driving around dropping it off, who have made a business out of it. We don't want them here, it's over, " says Elmore, "We just want to put the drug dealers on notice, you're not welcome in Graham."

To help the city of Graham get drug dog, contact the Graham Police Department at (940) 549-6441 or contact Mike Elmore with the Citizens Police Auxiliary directly (940) 445-1488.

Elmore encourages anyone, even those who don't live in Graham, to help out and donate.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6