The Cost Of Thanksgiving Meal Up From Last Year

Many Texomans have already started preparing portions of their Thanksgiving dinner.  But, some are working with fewer ingredients this year.

Newschannel 6 Lindsey Rogers found out that's because the price of some of our holiday favorites has gone up.

Texoma shoppers crowd the aisles at the grocery stores and supermarkets filling up baskets with the necessary items for a holiday feast.

"We love certain things on Thanksgiving day, mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce and fruit salad," Susie Lamascus said.

The American Farm Bureau said the cost of the average Thanksgiving dinner is up a little more than one percent from last year.

"It's way more expensive than last year, a couple of years ago it's twice as expensive," James Flowers said.

Texomans like Flowers are being forced to take action.

"The main thing is there's a lot of things I have to cut back on this year," he said.

That includes his guest list.

"Last year I had 30 people, this year I'm only going to have five. Because last year whole family and the cost of travel and for the family to come, it's way more expensive," Flowers said.

Fuel prices are actually part of the blame for the rise in costs.

The average Thanksgiving meal this year runs about $43.50.

But, even with the increase, some people we talked with still plan to splurge.

"We do love turkey and I like to just get the turkey and don't think about the price," Lamascus said.

Some good news for her and the rest of us turkey lovers, that is one menu item that has actually fallen about $1 in price.

There are some steps you can take to save money on your Thanksgiving dinner, like buying items in bulk whenever possible and purchasing the generic brand instead of the name brand.

If you make a list and stick to it, you will cut back on the number of impulse purchases and remember, often times, items at eye level are more than the ones you have to reach down for.

Lindsey Rogers, Newschannel 6