Burk Residents Want Action on PD

People who live in Burkburnett want to see action from city officials. This, stemming from several incidents involving legal action against the department and officers.

Just Monday, the District Clerk's Office in Wichita Falls unsealed an indictment against former officer John Allen Klenk. Klenk is facing a charge for tampering with evidence.

Earlier this month, former officer Brad Boyd leaded guilty to a charge for allegedly altering a police dispatch record and information regarding a DWI arrest.

In August, several plaintiffs filed a civil suit in federal District Court against the City of Burkburnett, the Burk PD, and several current and former officers. The suit alleges police brutality and the filing of false charges. Two of the plaintiffs, Robert and Bernice Head, have settled with the city for $60,000.

Residents we talked to said they want something done about incidents like these.

"I'd like to see them responsible for what's going on," said Burk resident Charles Hutchinson.

Tena McGee said "I really think we need to, you know, investigate. See what's really going on.

Commissioner Chase Thorton said he would like to see a meeting between Police Chief Mike Tracey and commissioners, to sort out lingering issues. Commissioner Ted Kwas said, while the department mostly runs just fine, there are still people who need to be removed. he didn't say which people.

Calls to Mayor Carl Law, interim City Manager Don Ives, and Commissioners Bill Lindenborn and Josh Andrajack were not returned.

A call to Chief Tracey was also not returned. Tracey has yet to return a single call to Newschannel 6.

Tim Barnosky, Newschannel 6.